Sensibility is defined as the ability to receive and respond to sensations. As such, it enables us to both make and perceive art. CENTER FOR ARTISTIC SENSIBILITIES is where these complex processes take shape.
It is a place of encounter for everyone who wants to experiment with and experience contemporary art. Besides exhibition-making, we host talks, screenings, and other meetings with the goal to enrich the cultural scene of Limburg and bring it in connection with the supralocal context.

At the moment, we don’t have a fixed location; instead, we benefit from the hospitality of our partners and collaborators throughout Maastricht. Make sure to follow us on Facebook / Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to receive the information about the upcoming events. If you want to learn more or work together, drop us a line at



The story behind our name goes back to a work by Cas Banierink, who graduated from MAFAD in 2017. His Center for Artistic Sensibilities was set up as a mobile space where people could meet and talk – over a drink – about art and life. Cas was the winner of the art prize initiated by Mique Eggermont, and a remnant of his project – a small enamelled plaque – ended up in her private collection. That plaque became the inspiration for our initiative (with the approval of the artist). In this way, we want to continue the spirit of hospitality and openness inherent in the original project.